3D Glasses Make the iPhone More Life

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Currently the iPhone is still one of the most sophisticated smartphones in its class. Because Apple gadget is added glasses three-dimensional (3D). Of course this will make it more interesting.

Hasbro became very attracted to companies that provide 3D glasses for the iPhone and iPod Touch. So when there is 3D content running on that device, the user will stay using My3D, 3D glasses owned by Hasbro.

This device is expected to be released at a price of USD 30 in the market with a target market of children and adults.

Hasbro seems serious in preparing these glasses to be able to smoothly run on the iPhone. In fact, the toy manufacturer is reportedly to be directed by Apple when developing My3D.

As for the development of its material content, Hasbro took Dreamworks Animation, whose name has been popular in working on 3D animation. In addition, Hasbro will also use the 3D TV content from Discovery Channel, Sony and IMAX.

src: http://newiphone.blogspot.com/2010/11/3d-glasses-make-iphone-more-life.html

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