New Features Google Can Peek into Search Results

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New Features Google Can Peek into Search Results
There are new changes in Google's search engine. If considered more carefully, users now get a peek at the content of a page before clicking on it.

Apparently, this change thanks to Google's latest feature called 'Instant Previews'. Instant Preview Google has just launched this weekend. Unfortunately, not all of Google's users from different countries can menjajalnya. Therefore, not many users are aware of the existence of this feature.

When clicking on the magnifying glass icon beside the search results, users will see a visual snapshot of the most relevant content on specific pages in a pop-up box that appears at his side. In addition, by moving the mouse to the other search results, users can view a visual preview other pages.

This will save users time when searching. For example, when someone is looking for an image map, can determine whether a link that will dikliknya contain content they are looking or not. So the impact, users need not trace each link and look for other pages when the link was not sought.

"In our testing, the people who use Instant Previews five percent more satisfied with HSIL dikliknya search," said Google Product Manager Raj Krishnan in his blog.

He mentioned, these new features provide new ways to evaluate results and make users more accurately find what they want on the pages visited.

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